Cargo Insurance Arrangement

Protecting your business starts with protecting your cargo. The safety and security of your shipments are most important, and our cargo insurance arrangement services can help protect your business from unexpected shipping risks.

We can insure high-value items through our insurance company. Cart Logistic is experienced in packing and shipping fragile and sensitive items as well as large and heavy items.

Shipping & Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance provides coverage against physical damage or loss of goods during shipping, whether by land, sea or air. Because of the many dangers inherent in shipping, most individuals and businesses choose to insure their goods while they are in transit. However, many different types of cargo insurance are available, and it is important that you know exactly what you want before taking the insurance, or you may not be covered for every eventuality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

Cargo insurance gives you a way to lessen some of the financial worries when it comes to international freight forwarding. Despite insurance has been around for centuries, there is still a feeling that any form of insurance is a “grudge purchase”. By its nature, insurance is an intangible benefit, one that can only be tested under adverse circumstances and there is nothing more adverse than cargo damage.

Do you know where your risk responsibility begins or if your supplier’s insurance is enough to protect your cargo? Help protect against shipping issues such as:

  • Physical loss and damage to your cargo
  • The financial impact of carrier liability limits on claims
  • General average risk
  • Natural disaster
  • War risk, including terrorism
  • Save your time by helping arrange the policy and administering the claims process for you.
  • Save your money by providing safe and reliable transportation solutions with competitive insurance rates.
  • Reduce your paperwork by bundling your shipping and insurance charges into one easy, integrated invoice.

The advantages of Cart Logistic cargo insurance arrangements include:

  • Comprehensive all-risk coverage
  • No upfront deposit required for coverage
  • Affordability with per-shipment billing; pay as you go and have visibility to landed cost
  • No monthly, quarterly or annual shipment reports or audits required
  • Timely, hassle-free claim service
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